Yellow Cars Shocked West Midlands Endures Highest Rail Price Surges in the U.K. as Hikes Rise 300% Ahead of Wage Increases

Yellow Cars Shocked West Midlands Endures Highest Rail Price Surges in the U.K. as Hikes Rise 300% Ahead of Wage Increases

Birmingham to London Euston with Virgin trains on a season ticket will now set you back over £10,000 which is the highest increase in the United Kingdom since 2010. Passengers in the West Midlands are battered again as Tame Bridge Parkway near Walsall and Nuneaton has seen the biggest percentage rail hike in the U.K. over the past 5 year with a massive 38% increase.

Taxis are becoming the mode of transport of choice for families in the West Midlands region out of necessity, according to the regulated Yellow Cars service.

Darren Thorpe, Yellow Cars Managing Director said, “we’d like to add our voice to the debate. Rail bosses lost the plot long ago and are still very much out of touch with reality. The annual surge of outrageous rail fare price increases is a source of much annoyance to our passengers. How can fare hikes in areas such as Birmingham and Walsall even be permitted as The West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority’s local rail upgrades under the recently announced 20 year plan are a very long way off.”

It’s been reported in the national media by journalist Ben Farmer in The Telegraph that the most recent rail price surge translates as increases 3 times the rate of salaries over the last 5 years. This impacts close to 2 billion train journeys.

Mr. Thorpe added that, “the country’s Consumer Price Index has remained at about 0% yet the rail rip-off continues each and every year. Our customers are fed up of rail increases.”

Finally, the Yellow Cars Managing Direction said, “to add insult to injury trains can’t even get you to your destination on time. Rail punctuality rates at Network Rail are below par with 11% of trains still running behind. We’ve seen a steady stream of passengers convert to taxis as we celebrate 21 years in business this year.”

The award winning Yellow Cars is honoured to celebrate 21 years in business the West Midlands in 2016. The Mayor of Walsall awarded a Yellow Cars driver for saving the life of an elderly passenger. Here at Yellow Cars we believe in the promise of safety and constant innovation. Just like when we invested in the purchase of state-of-the-art breathalysers which we distributed free of charge to pubs in the community as part of our 2016 road safety drive to keep you and your family safer. Check out our App and our website has further information on how we maintain the highest standards within a regulated profession.

Darren Thorpe, Managing Director, Yellow Cars.
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