West Midlands & Yellow Cars in Shock Over 150 Job Losses & Closure of FTSE EURO 100 ENGIE Rugeley Power Plant Ending 60 Year Legacy this Summer

West Midlands & Yellow Cars in Shock Over 150 Job Losses & Closure of FTSE EURO 100 ENGIE Rugeley Power Plant Ending 60 Year Legacy this Summer

Passengers brought the sad news for the area to the attention of Yellow Cars drivers. The company wishes to reach out and extend hands of friendship to all 150 workers and families affected in the West Midlands communities we serve.

Darren Thorpe, Yellow Cars Managing Director said, “Locals will know the Rugeley “A” and “B” plants well. That’s almost 60 years of history in the West Midlands being wiped out in the coming months. I’m devastated for the families.”

We read directly from the horses mouth in a press statement issued by majority owners ENGIE, previously better known as GDF SUEZ, that the Rugeley power station is set to stop all activities in the summer of 2016.

ENGIE has admitted in writing in their statement that there’s no hope of Rugeley making its future running coats. The GMB Union has called upon the government to try and force National Grid to stop more power plant shutdowns.

Phil Whitehurst, GMB National Officer for Engineering Construction said, “Last month the Institution of Mechanical Engineers warned that the U.K. faces an electricity supply gap of up to 55% by 2025 because of the closure of coal and nuclear plants. It would now appear that coal, the cheapest form of energy generation in the U.K., is being squeezed out of the market prematurely by either the suppliers wanting more profit or by Government insistence on these stations closing.”

Meanwhile, David Alcock, C.E.O. of ENGIE Energy Infrastructure U.K. said, “It is with deep regret that we have had to make this decision at Rugeley. Our priority now is to support the employees and help them through this period.”

Darren Thorpe added that, “It’s hard to imagine that this area will no longer have its own live power plant when we used to have a total of 5. It’s unbelievable. I speak for everyone at Yellow Cars when I express my shock and disappointment over the announcement. This region has truly felt the impact of the decline of the United Kingdom’s coal fired power industry. I wish the workers well. A hard task lies ahead as they prepare to walk away from what they’ve known for many years.”

The award winning Yellow Cars is honoured to celebrate 21 years in business in the West Midlands in 2016. The Mayor of Walsall awarded a Yellow Cars driver for saving the life of an elderly passenger. Here at Yellow Cars we believe in the promise of safety and constant innovation. Just like when we invested in the purchase of state-of-the-art breathalysers which we distributed free of charge to pubs in the community as part of our 2016 road safety drive to keep you and your family safer. Check out our App https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/yellow-cars/id778797063?mt=8 and our website http://www.Yellow-Taxi.co.uk has further information on how we maintain the highest standards within a regulated profession.

Darren Thorpe, Managing Director, Yellow Cars.
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