The Most Common Things You Are Likely To Forget In The Cab During The Ride

The Most Common Things You Are Likely To Forget In The Cab During The Ride

Now and then, almost all of us have left something behind during our ride in a hired cab. It can happen because of too much luggage or a long and tiring party night out – the reasons are ample.


Interact with any cab driver and he/she can possibly give you the longest list of articles that the passengers hastily leave behind after a ride. Some of these get claimed almost immediately while the others need to wait a little longer.

For a ride between Birmingham to Heathrow via taxi, here’s the list of most common things (and sometimes bizarre) that are most likely to be left out. So watch out!

1. The mighty key

Well, we all have that annoying experience of losing the keys and getting locked out inadvertently in the process.

Ask the cabbies from Birmingham Airport Taxis and they will tell you that the keys are the most common objects that they find in the back seats of their cars while regular clean up. Being small in size, it is common for them to fall out of the bag or the pockets of the passengers during the transit.

2. Mobile phones

You must be thinking that we hardly part with our mobiles, is there still a possibility of leaving it behind? If we go by the frequency of your favourite accessory being found dropped in taxis, the answer is definitely yes!

Drivers have revealed that most of the times it is during the night travels or the transits after late night parties that passengers accidentally leave their phones behind.

3. Handbags and purses

A woman never parts with her bag. Yet, more often than not, women travellers inadvertently leave their handbag behind.

Men’s purses too get dropped off their pocket. However, the frequency is not that high.

These were the most common articles found during the transit from Birmingham to Heathrow Taxi. And one can easily claim them from the lost section of the Birmingham Airport Taxis.

Let us now have a quick look at the most unusual things that the passengers have forgotten back during the transit.

  • A baby

Now, this may sound too bizarre to be true but someone actually left an infant in a crib in the cab while travelling. The poor thing had to be taken to the police station to locate the parents and initiate the hand over process. Crazy! Isn’t it?

  • Aquarium Fish

Can someone be so pre-occupied to leave their pet behind? Well, we guess some people are! Just like the baby, this poor goldfish too was left behind in a plastic bag and was found lying in the back seat at the end of the day.

  • Cash

Lately, there have been quite a few instances of returning cash sums found in the cars by the drivers back to their original owners. Just a while back, an elderly woman was returned an envelope full of cash, which she mistakenly left behind during her ride.

Interesting fact

Another interesting fact shared by the cab drivers is that the frequency of leaving the stuff in the cab goes amazingly high during the weekend period. Probably, this is because of the fact that people get too excited and carefree during this time and hence, their tendency to forget things gets largely amplified. Late night shifts or drunken state also enhances the chances of forgetfulness.

Next time you travel from Birmingham to Heathrow Taxi, make sure to double check the belongings while alighting.

In case you have the tendency to forget, a simple habit of counting your stuff while boarding and then counting again while getting down can help immensely. This way, you’ll almost immediately know if something goes missing.

Otherwise too, there is nothing to fret about. The friendly and cooperative lost and found department from Birmingham Airport Taxis can help you relocate in case any of your stuff gets lost. Get in touch with us through our website at Birmingham Airport Taxis for the best of service and hassle-free transfers in the UK.