5 Tips When Hiring Airport Taxi Service in the UK

5 Tips When Hiring Airport Taxi Service in the UK

Airport taxi service is a convenient and timely transport option in the UK. Corporate executives who need to be on time at a specific place can especially benefit from hiring airport taxi service. When hiring an airport transport services, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Here some things that you should keep in mind to ensure that you don’t face any problems when booking a transport online.

1. Know about the Cancellation Terms

Before booking a transport, you should know about the cancellation terms of the company. If you want to cancel a booking for whatever reasons, you should inform the company about four or more hours prior to the agreed pickup time. Otherwise, you will be charged 100 percent of the agreed fare.

Also, keep in mind that airport transport companies will charge you for credit card transactions. In case you cancel a booking, the credit card costs will not be refunded.

2. Enter the Correct Details

You should enter the details about the itinerary correctly when booking a cab. Before confirming the booking, make sure that you have entered the pickup and drop off location correctly. Also, the details about your credit card should be accurate. The airport transport company is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the customer. You may be charged if you enter incorrect information at the time of the booking.

3. Amendments in the Itinerary

In case you want to amend any details in the itinerary, you should inform the company hours before the pickup time. If you do not tell the company about the changes within about 48 hours, your booking may be cancelled and you will have to pay cancellation charges. You should keep this point in mind when making any amendments in the itinerary details.

4. To Tip or Not to Tip

You are not expected to tip the drivers of the airport taxi service. However, if you feel the driver has done an exceptionally good job such as by helping you with the luggage, greeting with courtesy, providing information about sites, or any other reason, you can tip the driver about £5. Also, you should keep in mind that some drivers will decline to accept any tip. So, you should not be flustered if tipping is the norm in your country.

5. Know about the Fare Structure

Before booking an airport taxi service, you should learn about the fare structure. This will ensure that you don’t face any problems after being handed the bill. Different companies charge the fare at different rates. Pay attention to the airport taxi service rate and also airport taxes and fuel surcharges.

Whether you want to explore the frenzied energy of Manchester or discover the scenic beauty in East Midlands, Yellow Cab can take you to the destination in style at an affordable cost. We specialize in Birmingham taxi service. You can book Heathrow to Birmingham, Birmingham to Heathrow, and Birmingham to Manchester Airport taxi service.

We provide airport taxi transfers for individuals and groups. You can depend on us to offer professional and courteous service at an affordable price.

For more information about our airport taxi service, you can drop us an email at info@birmingham-airport-taxis-transfers.co.uk.

7 Reasons to Choose Yellow Travel Birmingham Airport Taxi Service

7 Reasons to Choose Yellow Travel Birmingham Airport Taxi Service

Most people find air travel to be stressful. Whether travelling to Birmingham for a business purpose or pleasure, the last thing you would want is to worry about finding a transport. The good news is that you can call Yellow Travel for Birmingham Airport taxi service.

Selecting an airport taxi service in Birmingham can provide various benefits over other modes of transport. Here are seven reasons why you should select us for airport transfers in Birmingham.

1 Timely Service

Yellow Travel offers timely Birmingham Airport taxi service. Once you book a taxi online, our taxi driver will promptly arrive at the airport, often a couple of minutes earlier, to pick you up from the airport. As a result, you won’t have to go through the ordeal of waiting for a transport at the airport. You can arrive, get in the taxi, and then depart to your destination.

2. Avoid Getting Lost

If you are arriving at Birmingham for the first time, you may have trouble getting around town on your own. Hiring an airport taxi service will ensure that you reach your intended destination safely without getting lost along the way.

Our experienced taxi drivers are familiar with all the routes. This will guarantee that you reach the proper destination. You can get rid of the fear of getting lost when you hire Yellow Travel Birmingham Airport taxi service.

3. Safe and Comfortable Ride

At Yellow Travel, we have a fleet of cars that offer the maximum comfort, convenience, and safety. Our fleet consist of estate cars, minivans, executive saloons, and minibusses. All the vehicles are inspected and maintained to ensure that they are in perfectly good condition.

4. Save Transport Costs

Our airport taxi services also serve as an economical way to travel around town. You can select from different cars that can easily accommodate the passengers and luggage. The cost of the taxi service is much less as compared to hiring a private rental car. You don’t have to worry about fuel costs when travelling in a taxi from Birmingham airport.

5. 24 Hours a Day Service

We provide Birmingham Airport taxi service to the customers 24 hours, 7 days a week. No matter you will be arriving at the airport during the day or night, you can book an airport taxi service in Birmingham by giving us a call. Just inform us about your time of arrival, and our drivers will be there in a few minutes.

6. Courteous and Experienced Drivers

All of our divers are trained to treat the customers in a courteous manner. The drivers will greet you and guide you towards the taxi. Also, you can rest at ease knowing our drivers have been checked by the criminal records bureau (CRB). You won’t find anything to complain or fear unlike the case with hiring a ride-sharing service.

7. Customized to Your Needs

We offer flexible airport transport services allowing you to travel wherever and whenever you want. Every customer is provided a free 30 minutes waiting period. This gives them ample time to clear the customs and collect the baggage.

Yellow Travel is the premium name when it comes to airport taxi service in the UK. We have been providing the airport transport services for more than two decades. If you are a frequent flyer and travel regularly to Birmingham, you can contact us for exclusive deals such as priority booking, cheaper fares, and more. Get in touch with us today by sending an email at info@birmingham-airport-taxis-transfers.co.uk.

The Best Wheelchair Accessible Airport Taxi Service in the UK

The Best Wheelchair Accessible Airport Taxi Service in the UK

Are you traveling to Birmingham in a wheelchair? Do you fear that you will be left stranded in the airport due to not getting a wheelchair accessible transport service in the city? If the answer is yes, then your fear is not irrational.

In the UK with thousands of licensed taxis, handicapped people who use wheelchairs that can’t be folded don’t have much options at the airport. They have to pay a sum for short trips. Even if they do find an airport transport service, they generally have to pay exorbitant sums for even short trips.

Yellow Travel knows about the problems faced by handicapped individuals. That’s why we offer Birmingham airport taxi and transfer services that cater to the needs of people with wheelchairs.

The Best Airport Taxi Services for Handicapped Individuals

Our wheelchair accessible vehicle can easily accommodate individuals in a wheelchair. They can ride in the vehicle without having to leave their wheelchairs behind. The vehicle looks identical to a normal vehicle, but it has been modified to provide built-in ramps, which allows handicapped individuals get in the car without getting off the wheelchair.

Some of the features of our wheelchair accessible vehicle include the following.

  • Access from the back
  • Built-in ramp
  • Lowered floor
  • Space for headroom

Our wheelchair accessible vehicle can carry up to five passengers. Also, you can fold up the wheelchair and place it at the back. This will leave additional room inside the vehicle for luggage and baggage.

Our airport transfer services meet the unique needs of senior individuals and persons with mental and physical disabilities. We are proud to be one of the only few companies that offer airport transportation services to the disabled persons. We transport passengers in a dignified manner to their chosen destination.


Turning Disability to Mobility in Birmingham

Yellow Car specialises in Birmingham airport transport services. We offer airport transfers from Birmingham to Luton, Manchester, Heathrow, Stansted, and East Midlands. Also, our airport transfer services include transport from Heathrow and Luton airport to Birmingham.

All our drivers are licensed and experienced. Moreover, we carry on a background check on the drivers to ensure that our customers remain safe and sound. Our drivers greet the customers in a cordial manner at the airport, and guide them to the vehicle. They are aware of all the routes and can take the passengers to the desired destination in the shortest time possible.

You can book an airport transport service online today. You can expect the very best services when you contact us for airport transport. We operate our services 24 hours, 7 days a week.

For additional information about our rates and vehicles, you can drop us an email at info@birmingham-airport-taxis-transfers.co.uk.

5 Best Places to Visit in The East Midlands and Birmingham

5 Best Places to Visit in The East Midlands and Birmingham

Most tourists tend to bypass East Midlands when on their way to more obvious destinations in the UK. However, the fact is that the regions that comprise East Midlands such as Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and others have a lot to offer for the tourists. You can explore the castles, take part in exciting activities, and soak up on the beautiful scenery that surrounds the region.

At Yellow Cars, we are completely aware of what most tourists crave when on a vacation. Here we’ve shortlisted five best places in the East Midlands that you can enjoy visiting with a Birmingham to East Midlands airport transport service.

1. Wild Park in Brailsford

If you like to explore the outdoors, a stay at Wild Park in Brailsord will serve as an enjoyable adventure for all the family members. This is the place to be if you like action-packed activities with a group. You can enjoy stalking out players in laser tag, take part in a thrilling paintball match, or explore the countryside riding a quad bike. Travelling to the place has never been easier than with our Birmingham Airport taxi transfer service.

2. Tours of Kelham Hall

The Kelham Hall is yet another must-visit tourist attraction in East Midlands. Designed by Sir George Gilbert Scottfor the Manners-Sutton family, the lavish mansion is one of the most impressive spots in Nottinghamshire.The 19-th century castle boasts of an imposing façade with forested gardens and castle-like towers. Here you can explore the Porte Cochere, marvel at the ornate ceiling frescos, and visit the grand Billiards Room. The 42 acres of garden that stretch along the River Tent is also a noteworthy place near the mansion. You can reach this place with our Birmingham to East Midlands airport transfer service.

3. Herefordshire

Herefordshire is yet another attractive spot to visit in East Midlands. Here you can enjoy the exceptional natural beauty of the scenic countryside that will rejuvenate your senses and body. Booking a holiday cottage here can serve as a great relaxing escapade. You can canoe down the Wye River, sample the local cuisine, or shop to your heart’s content at the independent boutiques.

4. Derbyshire

Derbyshire is also a great place to visit in East Midlands. With its sweeping hills, majestic peaks, and large swathes of woodlands, a visit to this place can serve as an exciting adventure. Our Birmingham Airport taxi transfers to East Midlands can take you to this place at an affordable price.

5. Royal Crown Derby

Lastly, you can visit the Royal Crown Derby that manufactures ornamental masterpieces.  The company has been operating for more than 250 years.

Here you can travel back in time to view some cherished items that remind of the British colonial times. You will see the famous Royal Crown Derby china that has also been on the RMS Titanic that sunk in 1912.

At Yellow Travel, we believe that our customers deserve the utmost in safety and comfort. Our Birmingham to East Midlands airport transport service can take you to this place in quick time. All our vehicles are perfectly maintained and driven by experienced and courteous drivers. For more information about our services, you can contact us at info@birmingham-airport-taxis-transfers.co.uk

Yellow Travel Welcomes Birmingham Airport & Jaguar Land Rover’s Business-As-Usual Attitude Following Brexit

Yellow Travel Welcomes Birmingham Airport & Jaguar Land Rover’s Business-As-Usual Attitude Following Brexit

Today, Yellow Travel, the best place in the West Midlands to book a Birmingham Airport taxi, has welcomed statements from our local big employers, Birmingham Airport and Jaguar Land Rover in the wake of the referendum in the summer.

“The outcome isn’t just about Britain leaving the E.U. but is now also about reforming our new Government,” according to an official statement from Birmingham Airport. “The E.U. referendum result doesn’t mean that we will immediately see a change to our lifestyles, the way that we travel or how our European nationals living and working in Britain will be affected. Nor will it mean that we will disconnect with our European partners overnight. It is far too early to speculate about any of these important issues – this is an unprecedented situation after all. But it’s important to keep clear and calm heads so that we can ensure that our regional priorities, such as HS2, keep moving forward to ensure the future of Midlands’ residents, workers and industry, is not compromised.”

With a base in Solihull, Jaguar Land Rover has responded by simply stating, “Today is just business as usual.” In a letter to staff, the company said it, “Remains committed,” to its manufacturing plants and consumer sites across the E.U. This was welcome news to our many loyal Birmingham Airport transfer customers.

Birmingham voted to leave the European Union by the closest of margins. There were just 3,800 votes in to at the end revealing that 50.4% of people in the country’s second largest city supported Brexit. The final overview saw that The Black Country and Birmingham voted to leave with a majority of 291,000 votes or 59.8% of the vote.

Yellow Travel Excited for Football Fans in the West Midlands as Messi, Suarez & Barcelona landat Birmingham Airport

Yellow Travel Excited for Football Fans in the West Midlands as Messi, Suarez & Barcelona landat Birmingham Airport

Yellow Travel, the No.1 choice in the West Midlands region for professional Birmingham Airport transfers, is thrilled for football fans young and old after the 4-time FIFA Ballon D’Or winner Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and the rest of the Barcelona F.C. squad landed at our local international gateway.

It was a wonderful boost for our Birmingham Airport taxi passengers who have taken the time, effort and expense to see Barcelona play at home and witness that their football heroes landed right here on our own doorstep.

The world-class players landed in the West Midlands to make their way to a 6-day training camp before flying to play an important International Champions Cup game in Ireland. Local fans were thrilled to see the famous Barca team touch down before travelling to the F.A.’s National Football Centre in St. George’s Park for their special one-week training camp.

It is the second time in recent weeks that a football related story has made world headlines at our local hub. Former Wales striker, Dean Saunders, has been requested by Birmingham Airport to make a donation to charity after a parking gaff made the news.

Airport bosses forgave a massive parking bill while the BBC T.V. pundit was off working as park of UEFA Euro 2016 in France. He never expected Wales to stay so long in the tournament and left his car in the short stay car park. Fans have set up a crowdfunding page to help out Dean and the airport wants the money collected diverted to a charity.

Next time Dean, give Yellow Travel a call first for an effortless Birmingham Airport transfer.

Yellow Travel Welcomes Norwegian Airline’s Partnership with No.1 Lounges Announced by Birmingham Airport

Yellow Travel Welcomes Norwegian Airline’s Partnership with No.1 Lounges Announced by Birmingham Airport

Yellow Travel, the premier choice for Birmingham Airport taxi services, has broadly welcomed the announcement of an accord between Norwegian airlines and No.1 Lounges to provide a generous discount at our local international hub.

The new arrangement means that the low-cost airline and No.1Lounges will give passengers who are members of Norwegian’s loyalty programme added perks. Norwegian Reward members travelling from Birmingham Airport have access to an exclusive 15% discount for lounge access plus free premium security lane admission to skip queues and 25 loyalty points to use against future bookings. There are half a million registered members in the United Kingdom alone.

“Our new partnership with No.1 Lounges is significant for Norwegian Reward members who can now earn even more cost savings,” said, Brede Huser, Vice President, Norwegian Reward. “We’re continuously giving more value to our customers and now we’ve made lounge access more affordable and accessible for cost-conscious travellers. With this in mind, our most loyal passengers can get their summer holidays off to a fantastic start in high-quality lounge facilities even before they step onto our brand new aircraft.”

“We are delighted to be adding to the departure experience for Norwegian passengers and to be offering greater value,” explained, Phil Cameron, CEO, No.1 Lounges. “We see innovation as key to our success, so it’s very exciting to be working with a like-minded airline such as Norwegian, which is continually striving to deliver the very best for its customers.”

Our drivers conducting Birmingham Airport transfers give the following directions to get to the No.1 Lounge. It is located after security in the departure lounge adjacent to Next and is open from 4.30am until 9pm.

Yellow Travels Joins Chorus of Praise for Birmingham Airport Employee Who Came to the Rescue of Family Forced from Flight Due to Son Recovering from Illness & Dad Undergoing Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy

Yellow Travels Joins Chorus of Praise for Birmingham Airport Employee Who Came to the Rescue of Family Forced from Flight Due to Son Recovering from Illness & Dad Undergoing Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy

A family from Coventry, the Doyle’s, have Birmingham Airport employee, Zita Small, to thank for saving their family summer holiday after they were all kicked off a flight to Portugal and left stranded because their 1-year-old son Jack was recovering from chicken pox despite having been given a medical all-clear from a family doctor.

“Heartbroken wasn’t the word,” expressed Jack’s mother Carrie Doyle. “We, of course, understood that the air hostess was just following the rules and we appreciated it was for the safety and care of other passengers. But we were just devastated – especially as we had already cancelled our first flight because of Jack’s chicken pox. When I had to tell my 5-year-old daughter Ruby to get off the plane she was so confused and upset to be told that we weren’t going on holiday again.”

At present, dad Paddy is undergoing intensive rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A family holiday is what their entire household was longing for. Zita, who had recently lost her husband, overheard the family’s dilemma and was quick to intervene to attempt to find a satisfactory solution. 10 minutes later she had booked new upgraded First-Class flights to Portugal for the whole family.

Zita then took it upon herself to drive the Doyle’s to a health clinic to get a newly signed fit to fly medical letter for check-in despite the fact that her shift had finished by then.

This story reminds us why we are committed to serving the people of the area with the best Birmingham Airport taxi services in the West Midlands.

Yellow Travel Delighted with Ryanair’s 2.3 million Passengers Per Year & Support of 1,700 Jobs at Birmingham Airport with Dramatic 20% Increase in Number of Flight Choices

Yellow Travel Delighted with Ryanair’s 2.3 million Passengers Per Year & Support of 1,700 Jobs at Birmingham Airport with Dramatic 20% Increase in Number of Flight Choices

Today, Yellow Travel, the No.1 Birmingham Airport taxi company serving the West Midlands, has expressed delight with Ryanair’s new announcement of a major boost in business and confidence levels in relation to our local international gateway by committing to grow traffic by a fifth.

The official announcement of the airline’s Summer 2017 scheduled at Birmingham Airport sees a list of new routes added including; Girona and Reus in Spain’s Catalonia region and Chania, the second biggest city in Crete plus Warsaw, Sofia, Ibiza, Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Ryanair will then have a total of 28 routes operating locally giving us more opportunities to serve the people of the area with professional Birmingham Airport transfer services to and from the hub.

“We are pleased to launch our biggest ever Birmingham summer 2017 schedule, 3 months earlier than last year, which includes 3 new routes to Chania, Girona and Reus, the continuation of our winter services to Sofia and Warsaw to summer, and more flights to Faro, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Palma and Tenerife, which will deliver almost 2.3m customers p.a. and support 1,700 jobs at Birmingham Airport, as we grow our operation by 20%,” explained, Kenny Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer, Ryanair.

“We are delighted that Ryanair has launched its summer 2017 schedule even earlier this year, giving passengers travelling from Birmingham Airport more choice,” noted, William Pearson, Aviation Director, Birmingham Airport. “With 3 new routes now available for booking, passengers have more destinations than ever to choose from when planning their 2017 summer holiday.”

Yellow Travel looks forward to serving the needs of Ryanair passengers with our Birmingham Airport taxi services.

Yellow Travel Welcomes Swedish Book Group Pocket Shop to Birmingham Airport

Yellow Travel Welcomes Swedish Book Group Pocket Shop to Birmingham Airport

Today, Yellow Travel, the leading provider of Birmingham Airport transfers in the West Midlands, has broadly welcomed the announcement that Pocket Shop has opened a new store within our local international airport. It is its very first outlet in the United Kingdom.

Passengers will notice the new addition to the airport family after security in the South Lounge Gates 1-20 area. This first new store will be followed by two more outlets in other UK airports by the end of this year. Established in 1989, the group is hugely popular across Sweden, Finland and Germany and is loved by industry professionals. “We look forward to introducing Pocket Shop in the UK,” said, Anna Borné Minberger, CEO, Pocket Shop. “We will do our best to inspire British readers on the move to find the books they want.”

“Pocket Shop is one of our most important partners and one of the nicest to work with. Everything works smoothly; from negotiations and agreements to buying and title campaigns,” expressed Pia Printz, CEO, Printz Publishing. “Few booksellers are as passionate when it comes to lifting titles they believe in as Pocket Shop. Apart from this, they are also hard to beat when it comes to their knowledgeable and nice staff in the shops.”

“I love the mix of titles available at the Pocket Shop stores and their friendly and helpful staff,” observed, Sarah Davison-Aitkins, International Sales Manager, Penguin Random House. “The personal recommendations are compelling, interesting and well-presented and I enjoy browsing the mix of frontlist bestsellers, backlist classics and quirky personal choices that make up the selection on offer.” We look forward to our Birmingham Airport transfers passengers enjoying a great read on their trips.